About Model Crafts And Hobbies

Modelcrafts and Hobbies have been supplying hobbyist’s needs since 1956.

We stock scale model kitsets of cars, motorbikes, aircraft, military vehicles, ships and sci-fi. We also stock radio controlled vehicles. We supply the tools and materials hobbyists need.

We carry many items not found elsewhere and we are happy to search for any other items you may wish to find. 

Our web site shows items actually in store on the shelves and is updated in real time.

We specialise in mail order and ship goods daily to customers all over New Zealand and the rest of the world.


We are currently in the basement of the BNZ centre, 1 Willis Street. You can get to us via:

the escalators to the south end of the building along Willis Street (though the down escalator is rarely working). At the bottom of these escalators, turn sharp left and you will see us, complete with lit up sign. 

the escalators to the north end of the building along Willis Street. At the bottom of these escalators you will see the entrance to J.B. Hi-fi on one side of a corridor, and the entrance to J.B. Games on the other. I am afraid our shop is further along this dark and gloomy corridor. How many BNZ Centre landlords does it take to change a lightbulb? More than we've got, it would seem! 

the lifts from the foyer. Key in B1 on the pad for the lift. When you get out of the lift you will be in the food court. Walk around to the right, then veer to your left, down the corridor with tables either side, and there we are.

the steps from Victoria Street - these are extremely steep and should only be attempted by the sure footed. The steps at the northern end arrive at the diagonally opposite end of the basement to our shop. The steps at the southern end enable you to head straight ahead, veer round to your left, go down a corridor, and there we are!